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We would like to actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities where we operate and if possible extend beyond. This would enable us to be part of ecosystem that enables to build a better and environmentally sustainable way for all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees, and society at large.

At Codon Software we try to establish best practices in CSR and are guided by the following tenets:

  • Inclusive Responsibily: CSR in our company involves everyone within the organization to share the responsibilities and as well as rewards
  • Continuous Improvement: We always monitor and measure and are committed to improving CSR performance.
  • Statutory Compliancec: We would strive to meet all the relevant statutory legislation and compliances.

Noted CSR Activites

  • Providing water cooler for Municipal High School
  • Providing computer equipment to a government High School
  • Participating in cleanup activities in and around Hyderabad
  • Providing logistics support for smooth functioning of Hyderabad Marathon
  • Participating in protection of the local rock formations
  • Actively promoting and participating in local eco activities
  • Providing inverter to local government facility