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As part of our overall commitment to the successful implementation of our products Codon Software offers a suite of professional services. The services that we offer include: Product Consulting, and Training. Codon Software professionals work directly with you and your staff to maximize the value of your technology investment.

Product Consulting and Training:

  • Customized to your installation setup
  • To extend the product to meet the new and updated processes
  • To provide feasibility study for easy scalabity
  • The mobile solutions provided are highly scalable, secure and reliable. These could be made available for smooth deployment across the organization.
  • Get mobile access to real-time data with analytic apps built for suite of Codon Software solutions.

Services Practice

Codon Software is committed to provide world-class solutions developed using the state-of-the-art tools and technologies. The software development follows sound software engineering practices. In addition, the Codon Software adheres to five-step process in developing applications that meet the customer specifications.

The five step approach adopted by Codon Software gives a strong framework in approaching the customer projects with diligent design and emphasis towards JIT testing capability.

In the current dynamic world of various industries, the advanced information systems must deal with structured (database) and unstructured (documents and images) information. The solutions developed by Codon Software facilitate storage, search, and categorization of both types of information.

The dedicated approach taken by Codon Software is depicted in the following template:

  • Analyze: Codon Software professionals collect data by discussing with various groups involved in the operations at the Customer Operations Center. This will facilitate in formulating a Requirements Specification. This document gives exhaustive list of functional requirements of the user community and other recommendations by Codon Software.
  • Propose: Post-Requirements document, Codon Software discusses the micro-level details with the management and the various departments. This stage also will raise the issues of timelines for implementation of the project, tools used, platform that application will be developed etc.
  • Design & Develop: Design phase starts right after proposal has been approved by the Customer. At this juncture, Codon Software requires active involvement of the customer due to very customized nature of the application. As the design gets approved by the Customer, it is developed to meet the requirements. This is integral part of the popular XP developement methodolgy.
  • Test: Once the design and development is completed of individual module, testing starts at earnest. As a matter of fact, the testing starts even before a module is complete - as we test individual features as we are progressing during the development of the module.
  • Deploy: The deployment seems like a final step in the installation of the Customized solutions. As far as Codon Software is concerned it is the first step towards customer satisfaction. The deployment phase entails populating databases with the customer details and integration of the complete modular solution to behave as a cohesive monolithic application.