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CodonLIMS is an integrated Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) and Laboratory Information Management System to be used in Pharmaceutical Companies, Chemical Laboratories, Mining, Stainless Steel Manufacturing, Petro-Chemicals, Food, Fruit & Pulp industries etc. to maintain and manage the lab information efficiently and largely improve the laboratory turnaround time. The features provided by the application range from simple sample tracking to management of multiple aspects of laboratory informatics.

Salient Features

  • CodonLIMS has separate functional modules, which are integrated as a part of a single product license.
  • Can be integrated with any relational database.
  • Scalable
  • Centralized, decentralized or regionalized installations
  • Thin client
  • Web Services to allow clients author their own API

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences

Laboratory information should be easily accessible to prove compliance and measure efficiency. CodonLIMS ensures availability of information whenever and however needed. CodonLIMS provides automation of manual processes, rapid instrument integration and consolidation of complex informatics thereby facilitating end-users to share data and information, increasing collaboration required across complex areas of research. Can be customized to meet lab specific requirements

  • Single platform for all QC activities
  • Sample Management
  • Calibration Schedule Management
  • Reference standard and Impurity Standards
  • Chemical and reagent management
  • Interfacing with Lab Instruments
  • Microbiology Lab Management
  • Stability Modules
  • Training Management
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant
  • Electronic Lab Notebook
  • OOS and OOT Management


The use of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) is imperative in the metals industry as a critical tool to comply with quality, productivity and performance standards. Metal manufacturers must ensure the final goods are compliant with the industry regulations and user requirements. LIMS is effective in collating the data and providing certification and other analytical results, which the industry warrants.

Beyond this, LIMS deliver the additional benefits like –

  • Organizing and estimating the performance during metal production
  • Making the data accessible to all the stake holders
  • Providing extensive analytical reports
  • Generating Certificate of Analysis
  • Tracking of Samples in laboratory
  • Instrument Management
  • Interfacing with Laboratory Instruments
  • Customer management
  • Supplier Management
  • Personnel Records and Training Management
  • Interfacing with external ERP systems
  • Helping the laboratories comply with standards such as ISO 9000, and ISO 17025, regulatory standards like GxP, and environmental standards including ISO 14000.

Food and Beverage

Safety and hygiene are the topmost concerns for the food and beverage industry and it is incumbent on the Industry to comply with Standards and regulations and for this processes like Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are adopted wherein critical points in the manufacturing and production process are defined and monitored to avoid possible contamination. And so, accountability throughout the food production chain from procurement, processing, packing to transporting is indispensible. And for this laboratory informatics is essential in providing the quality requirements, providing traceability and transparency, reporting and other assets to ensure the regulatory compliance.

CodonLIMS provides an effective LIMS tool, which can be used to achieve -

  • Complete traceability throughout the manufacturing process and global supply chain
  • Compliance with FDA (i.e. 21 CFR Part 11), USDA3, EPA, HACCP, GLP and GMP
  • Visibility into the complete process supply chain
  • Achieve operational efficiencies through integration with SAP ERP system, and laboratory instrumentation systems
  • Adaptability to industry standard and specific food and beverage process flows
  • Enforce data security


Forensic labs have defined requirements, which are quite specific to arena of crime and investigation. CodonLIMS provides modules to which address these requirements. These features can be used along with the other LIMS modules.

CodonLIMS for forensic can be used for –

  • Tracking Cases including samples, documents, details of persons involved in the case
  • Tracking Evidences
  • Image Reporting
  • Security Privileges
  • Electronic signatures
  • Workflow management
  • Document Management
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Help and FAQs

Who should use CodonLIMS?

CodonLIMS is for Organizations who are still following traditional paper approval process of Protocols, Specifications, and Analyzed Data which is time consuming and prone to have mistakes

How does CodonLIMS help?

CodonLIMS helps you in:
- Improving the efficiency of research and production through its instant approval feature for researched data and generating paperless PDF reports for the Analysed data
- Easy tracking of sample data
- Easy tracking of instruments usage and their calibration
- Easy OOS and OOT management

How CodonLIMS different from others?

CodonLIMS provides audit trail, multi-level approvals, paperless reports , OOS, OOT, User Training Management, alerting user through Email, Instrument Management, Consumable Management, Stability Management.