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CodonQMS is a QMS (Quality Management System) application by Codon Software Private Limited emphasizes on enterprise business continual process improvement and quality management. It addresses the needs of manufacturing, aerospace, medical device, pharmaceutical, healthcare, government and other service industries.

Salient Features

  • Corrective Action/Preventive Action (CAPA) - Designate team members, define and contain problems, determine/verify root causes, implement both interim and permanent Corrective Actions, and validate the effectiveness of your Corrective Actions.
  • Non-Conformance - Due to varying product offerings and customer needs, out of specification conditions can have a variety of dispositions. CodonQMS allows you to manage all non-conformances in one centralized database, track customer complaints, internal audit findings, warranty returns, progress and disposition of non-conformances, and supplier issues so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Root Cause Analysis - A systematic set of steps to analyze the root cause and solution to any type of problem. Utilizes the Six Sigma Life Cycle to guide users through the problem solving process successfully. Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve - Control.
  • Audit Management – Automates the process of Auditing and surveying, schedules audits and documents results, provides auditors with a tool for designing audit checklists, reports and templates that support your audit activity before, during, and after the audit and a systematic approach for managing audit findings to ensure compliance.
  • Supplier Management - This is where information regarding suppliers and the materials they provide is stored. Material Profiles are used to record information regarding a particular type of material and set its inspection criteria. Supplier Profiles record information pertaining to a specific supplier and relate them to the materials they provide.
  • Document Control - Manages your documents online any time from anywhere in the world 24/7, provides management of all controlled and uncontrolled documents, produces reports and graphs through powerful query features and links and references documents to any file.
  • Training Records Management - Ensures employee job quality and compliance by managing personnel skill sets and certifications while streamlining course management activities. Users can track and maintain qualifications for all employees. CodonQMS will simplify training processes and alert management and employees when required trainings are coming due.
  • Calibration Management - Automates the checks and balances processes for equipment calibration and management. It provides the reports to track calibration activities throughout the life expectancy of a tool or machine.
  • Compliance - Track critical dates and activities tied to maintaining compliance to regulatory standards, permits and other legal requirements through one centralized database. Automated task emails prompt appropriate employees with action items and track completion.
  • Task Management - Track and manage team member responses to tasks throughout the organization and Management Action to inform management of critical issues and actions.
  • Reporting and Analytics - Detail site reports for all tools with extensive category and query filter options. Analytics like CAPA Issue Analytic, Trending Analysis, Pereto Analysis, Cost Analysis, Management Analysis provided.
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Help and FAQs

What is QMS?

QMS means Quality Management System, which is useful to improve the process and quality in an organization.

How does CodonQMS manage CAPA issues?

It has a built-in WorkFlow mechanism that traces from beginning to the end in a sequential manner using either 5 Whys or 4W1H approaches and provide quantified data based on the status of various action items.