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We have a dedicated team to develop customized enterprise mobile solutions across the diverse OS spectrum viz.. iOS, Android. Our team of solution architects diligently work with customers in developing solutions that fit the emerging needs.

Below are some of the advantages:

  • More ways to grow and be agile in the ever changing world of business
  • Our Solutions lab is committed to providing secure, innovative and reliable offerings
  • Provided solutions run better and be cost effective by delivering greater operational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Solutions developed are intelligent, intuitive and great fun to use.


Untether your employees, assoiciates, customers, and partners with proven, reliable mobile solutions from a company you can trust. Codon Software as a solutions provider has the needed expertise to equip you with complete, end-to-end solutions that mobilize your enterprise. Also, our mobile solutions can be modularized to fit your current needs and can be scaled as your business grows.

  • Customers can select a unified mobile solution that will work across employees, consumers, and other associates transparently.
  • The solutions would be cost effective and highly scalable using innovative technologies.
  • Our Mobile Solutions team can work with our customers to co-innovate the mobile apps that are transformative.
  • The mobile solutions provided are highly scalable, secure and reliable. These could be made available for smooth deployment across the organization.
  • Get mobile access to real-time data with analytic apps built for suite of Codon Software solutions.


We can provide the Warehousing Solutions which are intuitive, secure and robust. Our operational executives can integrate our system into your warhouse to improve capabiities and the current workflow to it's optimal efficiency.

Our Warehouse Management Solution will provide an optimal application platform that follows the best practices for Receiving, put-aways, inventory management, orders, stock replenishment, picking, packing, loading and shipping. This has the facility to add custom business processes. This solution also ensures fast, realtime visibility of the current inventory levels and movements across the warehouses with a centralized access.

Warehouse would provide realtime inventory details to the management and that equates to 100% accurate, 100% accessible, and improves efficiecy. This would give qualified data if there are any discrepancies.

Warehouse solution uses either barcoded data or RFID tags to improve the movements across the warehouse.

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